Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Chris and Carol Green Announce New Book Release for 2020

Pennsylvania, USA ---Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green announced to their ministry family and followers that they are currently writing a new book that captures the essence of their ground-breaking approach to life coaching, mentorship, community outreach and human services. The book will be titled, Who CAREs?: A Case for Compassionate Accountability with Respect and Empathy.

Posting the news on their online community group, Fruitful Life Hearts and Homes Online Community, the Greens hinted that the book would be available at some time near the end of 2020.

“Our life coach certification and training continues to grow,” explains Coach Carol Green. “With that growth has come a request and a hunger, if you will, to know more about the concept of CARE and CARE-Readiness.”

Since 2018, this couple has trained and certified nearly 80 Life Coaches in CARE-Readiness, and another 50+ community outreach volunteers as CARE-Ready Responders.

In their various training sessions, the Greens have presented the CARE initiative this way:

What is CARE-Readiness?

It is a more responsive approach to the world of mentoring and coaching people. The CARE-Ready individual is an accountability partner who is equipped with the right tools to ask the right questions, in guiding someone to life's answers. They are trained to recognize and respond when someone is searching for direction, and they are capable of providing Compassionate Accountability with Respect and Empathy.

CARE-Readiness is Inspirational, Intuitive and Instructional. However, it is much more about being an intentional listener who earns the trust and privilege to make an impartation in someone's life.

CARE-Readiness Coaching is NOT COUNSELING OR THERAPY.  We never use these terms to describe the work or practices of CARE-Ready Coaching. Unlike counseling and therapy, which involve looking back and working through one's past, CARE-Readiness is about looking ahead and navigating through the present, to reach a future with purpose.

“Post covid-19, the world is going to be very different,” adds Coach Chris Green, “We believe there will be a dire need for CARE-Readiness in the aftermath. We’re not trying to replace counseling or therapy because that will always be extremely important. But for the ‘average citizen’, parents, educators, case-workers, ministers, or just people who want to know how to best respond to those who are lost and hurting, this book will be a timely resource.”

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