Friday, June 1, 2007


(Prophetic Word to Chris and Carol Green)

Sir, the Word of the Lord comes to you today as one who stood beside, one who has looked upon, one who has stood beside and held the shield, for today, says the Lord, do I place your feet on higher ground. For this day, I have destroyed the argument of the enemy. It is has been destroyed over this house (Metro Christian Worship Center) and it is destroyed over your house (Fruitful Life).

For the connection, which I have brought with you and this man (Bishop Raphael Green), is a Godly one, and even so shall your FRUIT BE GREAT! Therefore, man of God, see the multitudes for surely I have ordained them for your place. Make room, says the Lord, and stretch your tents. The tent pegs of your house, stretch them. Make room for MIGHTY increase and surely that which you have prayed for, that which you have spoken to ME in private, I will MAKE AVAILABLE and MANIFEST PUBLICLY! This is the Word of the Lord to you today!

For, man of God, take up the pen and prepare to write. Now this is funny to me, but I’m looking at comic books. (Would you just worship the Lord in this place for a moment)

You are to make this come about. This is the Spirit of God. I’m just exhorting you, now. This is the Spirit of the Lord, (I) just encourage you to GO FOR IT! GO FOR IT! Don’t back off of it.

And woman of God have I not put MY word in your mouth? Have I not stirred you? Have I not reached into the broken places? I have seen the pain you’ve come through, says the Lord your God, but out of that pain I bring forth an incredible beauty. Open your mouth, says the Lord, open your mouth, wide. I promised you, I will fill it. Let the prophetic word come forth, says the Lord, and SURELY, SURELY, a crown I have fashioned for your head. - Bishop Flynn Johnson, May 20, 2007, St. Louis, Missouri