Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May 2010 was a good month

May was good month for us. It began with a wedding as one of our spiritual daughters honored us by asking us to perform the main section of her wedding ceremony. She married a good man. That's all I can say. She married a good man. On his part; he married a good woman, a Godly woman. We have watched her life for 18 years and she is a Godly woman. We were so proud of her.

The next day, I spoke in my home church in St. Louis, MO. I could barely contain myself in anticipation. I felt like crying the whole week before that day. As the time drew closer, it became increasingly more difficult to hold back the tears. Finally the moment arrived and the Lord helped me to articulate what HE had put in my heart to say to my home church family.

I can only pray that I was not in the way of what God was speaking to every heart and soul.

Later that day, we pulled off a surprise birthday celebration for our twin sons (Jonathan & David). Their birthday was actually back on April 13th, but David was away in school on that day, and Jonny was left to celebrate it alone. Knowing how close they are and since we had the opportunity to give them a special moment with their cousins, we went out and bought some St. Louis Cardinals gear for them along with a cake, ice cream, and food for dinner.
We met in their Aunt Desiree's house. It was a wonderful time.

By the time we drove home, we were really hyped and excited about what God is going to do in our family.

We concluded the month by moving out of our transitional residence of the past three years, into another place that is a lot more accommodating of our needs.
As May drifted into June, we are looking forward to all that God wants to do through our family, in this community.