Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Changing The Airwaves

I recall the prophetic dream that the Lord gave me so long ago and somehow, our return to the radio has prompted something in my spirit. Our radio broadcast was launched again, today, and I keep seeing the portion of the dream where I had control over the atmosphere.

The more we move forth with the strategy of the Lord, I'm inclined to believe that HE is leading us in a very carefully marked out plan. HE has us announcing a monthly meeting to invite people to come and worship, pray and receive healing for their lives.

At the same time, HE's directing us to start a little radio broadcast. As today's broadcast began, I saw myself in the dream with my hand outstretched controlling a whirlwind in the sky. I was standing on the west shore, looking toward the city, facing a tower of religion, but I had control of the airwaves.

GOD has given us a prime radio spot and it seems this is a very key part of what we are supposed to be doing at this season. I'm expecting God to send more people to pastor and nurture, but HE's also directing us to reach many more than we can see right now. The atmosphere must be changed because that is a part of prophetic call on this ministry.

God said we would interrupt the enemy's communication in the airwaves. Now GOD has given us a means to accomplish that assignment. We are trusting the Lord to provide the resources to accomplish this mission.

I'm very encouraged. I can see God giving us more people. This will be the third group of people to come to Fruitful Life. Most of the first group walked away. Only mom and Gary remained. The second group (the Carters, Bobbi, Danelle, Maria), have been given a season of preparation and healing. Now we are getting ready for the next wave. I expect more than what we had in the first group which got up to about 30people at one time. I even expect some who were in the first group to return.

Somehow, God is going to help this next group to help us build and establish a foundation to change the atmosphere. Of course it's their choice submit to the will of God and I'll talk about that a little more in my next blog. For this blog, I just wanted to express how exciting it is to watch the prophetic dream beginning to come to pass.