Friday, August 17, 2007

The Fruitful Life Story Continues...

I received an e-mail this morning. This is really the best way I know how to describe what’s happening here in Harrisburg. She said many things, but her e-mail ended with this:

I really could go on and on about what really happened this weekend, but all I can say is Thank you for being my parents and true people from God in our life because it’s not just about me.
Everyone that was there yesterday needed and we all received something and I really feel that was truly the beginning of something truly amazing… Ok I’m done now… I love you mom and dad….. Thank you God for the blessing that you have given us in this ministry for the hurting people in Harrisburg and I thank for the sacrificing by this couple and taking them out of their comfort zone and bringing them to Harrisburg to bless and to heal this area and Your people and to help to “let Your people go”. -B.L.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Simple Thank You

I was plugging along with my work when the following e-mail came to me:
I'm not sure if this is how to get in contact with you (Pastor Chris &
Carol) but if it is, I wanted to say thank you sooo much for inviting
me and my (son) to your home and giving us the opportunity to
spend time with everyone.

Oh, and the book (What Now?) that I was given is exactly what I need
and have been looking for.

As a matter of fact, I'm on my way to lunch and can't wait to read some
more. Again, thank you so very much and I'll see you Sunday!!!


D. O.

It never ceases to amaze me how a simple word of thanks is so encouraging for what God has called us to do and to be in this region. We feel so unqualified to do this. We have a little formal education. Even though we have taken many courses and had years of training and preparation, my failures over the first two years here, just made me feel like all that I learned was thrown away in a matter of months.

I can't believe I forgot so much, while falling back on old bad habits , feelings and fears, when I was faced with REAL WORLD MINISTRY challenges.

Now here we are and I feel like this:
With the hell that we have been through over the past three years, we can declare boldly that we must make sure we clearly understand whatever God is saying. Things are falling into place for us now. It's really incredible, the connections God is giving us in this season. It's tough here and I wouldn't wish this kind of warfare on my worst enemy.

When we were sent out, I thought we were supposed to start the church right away. Obviously that's why we were sent out, right? But we discovered that God has had His own plan, path and timing all along. I was going straight for the target and the goal, but God was after a process to take us through before we started the church.

We feel like we are finally in the right home, with the right people, and starting the right church for the first time. I mean, everything is right this time. Even the location and facility is right. We have learned some valuable lessons.

Lord, please don't ever let me forget these lessons. We lost thousands and thousands of dollars, resources, and hours of time all because I did not walk in the wisdom and timing of God. This simple thank you from a first-time visitor was another powerful message to encourage us that we're doing it the right way, THIS TIME.

Monday, August 13, 2007

If we had not obeyed God

Carol and I are just checking in once again. We just wanted to let you know that the word that our Bishop just recently gave us regarding the Lord creating what is missing is coming to pass in a big way.

Our Bishop indeed, spoke life into the man in the box and our whole world is turning around. Since moving the services to Sunday, we have experienced major spiritual breakthroughs.

On every level, in every area, life has totally changed. Just like our Bishop prophesied, we have moved, we’re in a better home, and our sons are still in the same school district.

The town home is more like home than any place we’ve ever lived. It’s the perfect size for us, especially since our sons are all about to leave home as they mature and prepare for life after high school.

Did I tell you that the real estate company that bought our house had locks on the doors just six days after the sale? Normally they are supposed to give the tenant 30 days to move out. The Lord heavily impressed on us that they would not honor the process (which is normal around here) and that’s why we moved out during the first week of July (1-7). The following week, the home was sold (12th). On July 18, I stopped by the house to make sure our mail was being forwarded and there were locks on the doors.

If we had not moved out, we would have come home from work one day and found ourselves locked out of our house. If we had not obeyed God… This experience has taught us the value of agreement with what God means by what He says and obeying every single little thing that He tells you to do.

We thought that the word He gave my mom when she visited back in August 2004, “I see a legal matter coming against this house, but God is going to deliver you.” that it meant we were going to see some big financial miracle that would save the house. What God meant was that He was going to deliver us, not save the house.
Now here we are, with a major debt removed and preparing a people to follow us as we follow Christ.

Carol and the twins are doing great. I just helped them complete their “Senior Project”. I took a couple of days off to help them write papers that are required by law for all students to graduate from high school. The paper requires that they research a field, log hours of community service and verify job shadowing and mentorship from a professional in a particular field of study.

Well, that’s where dad came into the picture. So we took the time to go back through our entire calendar over the past three years to recount all that they have done in setting up, recording and helping Fruitful Life for three years. Then based upon their experience and training, they wrote “Reflection” papers to talk about what they hope to do to continue in the field of multi-media production.

Once again we broke the stereotype as I walked into the school with them to hand in their projects. This place is awfully frustrating with all of its laws, rules and fees, but it is good training for us and our children.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


This is just a quick follow up from this past Sunday's service. Since it was our first public meeting in over a year, it felt a little odd at first. I'll give you this one testimony. Pastor Carol's mother invited a woman from her job and she came.

During the service, the Lord took me completely away from what I planned and had us to share from Psalm 5, on what it means to truly trust the Lord.

At the end of the service, the woman came up to speak to us. She said she has not been going to church as often as she should, but in her own words, "after experiencing this, I'll be back next week."

Her words were so encouraging because everyone who attends Fruitful Life says the exact same thing. They all use the exact same terminology. They all said, including this woman, that it is an

She also said that what touched her was our relationship. She said, "As soon as I walked into the room, I knew that this couple was really together and united. I could just tell right away."

Then her next words were, "And just seeing how much this man loves his wife…" and she stopped and burst into tears. She said "I've never seen anything like this ever before. Even more than the
message and service, what impressed me the most was their marriage."

Then she smiled and jokingly said, "If you had a gimmick to attract people, that would be the only one that would work for me: Your marriage, your family, just seeing your sons helping you; everything is just so real…"

A few minutes later, she was being ministered to by one of our members named Traci.

After that, Pastor Carol told Traci, "I told you that God would use you to minister to people who come to Fruitful Life that would be going through the same things as you." It was a special revelation moment for Traci as well.

Last year we were reminded by Kristie Jursch, Bishop Raphael Green's executive administrator, to give it one more try. God gave her a dream where I was hitting a wall with a sledge hammer. I was down on one knee, exhausted and ready to quit. What she saw, but I didn't know, was that the wall was cracked on the other side. So in the dream, she told me to hit it one more time. This move into the hotel and returning to the Sunday service is our "one more time" swing of
the sledge hammer against the wall.

This woman was just one testimony, but she represents the trickle of water that comes through when a dam is cracked and beginning to break. We are so encouraged. This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Thank you for your continued prayer support,

Pastor Chris Green

Thursday, August 2, 2007

***BREAKING NEWS*** - Aug. 2, 2007


HARRISBURG, PA- Pastors Chris and Carol Green return Fruitful Life
Worship Center to SUNDAY morning Worship, Word and Fellowship, on
Sunday, August 5, 2007.

After more than a year of meeting on Friday nights, the last 10
months of which were in their home, the church makes a triumphant
return to the Harrisburg community.

The pastors will lead the services on Harrisburg's west side of the
Susquehanna River which divides the region racially, socially,
economically, politically, and spiritually. Traditionally known as
the "White" shore because of its predominantly white population, this
region is going through great change and Fruitful Life is making a
bold stand as African American pastors open their hearts and lives
for God to use them to build a multi-ethnic, mutli-generation church
filled with seekers and believers.

Continuing with the innovative style of a family living room
atmosphere, combined with multi-media Worship and Word presentations,
the pastors will host their weekly sessions at the Harrisburg,
Holiday Inn West, in the very popular Carlisle Pike section of the
region which is home to scores of restaurants, retail stores and
tourist attractions.

Services will begin at 11:00am EST which coincides precisely with the
start time of their sending church, Metro Christian Worship Center,
in St. Louis, MO which begins at 10:00am CST.

Intercessors are being called upon to stand with Pastor Chris and
Carol Green as they move out, once again, with the Call and
Commission to establish a work where PEOPLE will be PLANTED to