Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We're Moving In

We’re getting closer to Christmas and many things are beginning to come together for us. We are very excited because tomorrow we will announce that we now have our own office and studio space.

Four years ago (December 2005), we were heart broken because we had to move out of our church facility. Since then, we have met in hotel conference rooms, in our home and at Zion Assembly of Harrisburg.

Over the last four years, we have been preparing for this new start by making the adjustments the Lord has required of us. We've been walking our group through the Word of God on the process of healing in our hearts and homes. We've been building a core group that can assist us in the work of the ministry.

We have been upgrading our website and uploading music, messages and video clips. We have written five books (4 devotionals and a love story for unbelievers), and started a multimedia production called Kingdom Warriors that includes a book series, a comic strip and an animated series.

The Lord enabled us to record and post the NAACP Back to School Gospel Music event and to capture the powerful PA Awake state-wide prayer gathering. It is becoming obvious that the Lord has a purpose for us that reaches beyond our understanding. We've been doing all of this so that we would be prepared to minister effectively when the Lord opens a door for us to return to our Urban World Missions and Outreach initiative.

Mission organizations target people groups, communities and cities where the Lord directs them to take the message of the Kingdom and the love of God. We were sent to Harrisburg as missionaries/ pastors into the urban community. More people now live within cities than at any time in human history. Our home church and overseer saw this trend many years ago and planned accordingly by launching an Urban World missions effort. That's why we are a missions oriented ministry, but our mission field is in the urban world. We've spent the last four years getting prepared for the task that has been assigned to our hands.

We felt led to change the name of the church from Fruitful Life Worship Center, to Urban Life Church. We revived our multimedia outreach called Fruitful Life Network of Ministries, and started an internet TV channel. We launched FLNiTV by introducing a 24/7 video stream and a segment called Hidden Treasures, to interview pastors, community leaders, and individuals who are doing special things in this community and around the nation in the urban world.

Since many people in the urban community are drawn to the internet, we are using this technology to connect with people who don't usually go to church or any other religious activities or events. The internet is just another way of casting out the fishing net which Jesus described.

Four years ago, December 2005 marked the death of OUR thoughts and agendas for Pennsylvania. Now December 2009 has inaugurated a wonderful new understanding of our purpose. You see, it’s Christmas in every way for our family. The Lord has given us a second chance. We have been given restoration and renewal. What a precious gift. The Lord placed it on our hearts to begin declaring rebuilding, restoration and renewal for hearts and homes, but we didn’t realize He was going to bring it forth in us first.

Today, I am blogging this PRAISE REPORT that we have begun the process of moving into our own office/ studio space so that we can effectively steward the ministries the Lord has given us. Our office will house the office equipment that will help us with the administrative side of the ministry. The studio (built with sound proof walls) is being equipped with powerful multimedia computers so that we can continue with the video, animation and music aspects of our various productions.

Carol and I will finally be able to resume writing and producing praise and worship music for what will someday be, a multi-ethnic urban community church. The websites of both ministries (the church and the media outreach) will continue to enhance our efforts to reach out to this community.

In addition to the office and studio, we also have full access to several conference and meeting rooms, a kitchen, a dining hall, a full service print shop, two facility copiers, and plenty of parking. We are praising God for this marvelous facility that has come available to us. It is managed the Pennsylvania Council of Churches, so yes, we're working with the Body of Christ. Our monthly lease is still sending funds into the work of the Kingdom of God. The awesome part is that we are paying less than 1/4 of the monthly amount that we had four years ago... and we're getting far more, even though we're paying far less. The lease even includes utilities.

Four years ago we were moving out of a building, but this year, and this week, we’re moving in. We’re moving in the purpose and will of God.