Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Community Life Coaches Present Care-Ready Responder Concept

Harrisburg, PA ---- The Community Conversation on Homelessness hosted Drs. Chris and Carol Green as the featured presenters of the Community Care-Ready Responder Overview.

Conducted in the conference room of the Rock Church in Harrisburg, 16 people, representing organizations, agencies, charities, government services and churches who address human service issues from perspectives that range from education and housing, to mental wellness and trauma, gathered to learn more about the Green's concept of providing an orientation for people who desire to enter the human service field, but have no idea what that requires in the way of understanding diverse cultures and people groups.

"We realize these professionals don't need to be told how to do their jobs," explains Chris Green. "These sessions are not conducted as best practice presentations regarding their policies and procedures. We're talking about matters of the heart when it comes to connecting with people. This is all about helping every individual and leader, within the field of human service, make self examination and self discovery into the hidden or unspoken challenges that are keeping their organizations and agencies in the frustrating cycles where the outcome of most of their activities and programs are not improving."

The discussion was lively and engaging as the Greens introduced the concept of helping staffers and volunteers, within their organizations, learn how to work past the inner cultural limitations that keep them from becoming more effective helpers and ready responders in the community.

"The meeting has resulted in a request for us  to provide evening classes for these leaders and their staffers," Dr. Carol revealed. "So we're working to make that happen ASAP!"

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Special note* Thanks to The Rock Church of Harrisburg, Shalom House and Denise Britton for their support and advocacy.