Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real Church


Can’t you feel the momentum building in our church? As each week passes, more people are coming and it won’t be long before our studio/assembly will be completely full. When that day comes, we’re not going to start looking for new space right away because the goal is not a bigger building, but to build people who will build their families.

We want the growth in numbers to spark a desire for growth in the ways of God. Sometimes the efforts to expand the ministry can distract a church from its real purpose. So as we anticipate growth, just know that we are far more interested in your spiritual and relational growth.

As we answered the online questions in last Sundays’ Family Impact session, it became apparent to us that we need to continue to focus on the families of Urban Life.

We can see even more reasons why Lord has directed us to change our name to the Urban Life Family Center. We’re taking the battle directly to the front lines of our conflicts. God told us that when we moved to Harrisburg, it would be all about hearts and homes and we can see it so clearly now.

There are some serious issues in our marriages. There are some serious issues in our families. Urban Life is not doing to dance around the issues and hold weekly pretense gatherings. God did not send us 800 miles away from home to just set up here and play games.

We were very glad that someone sent questions about serious problems surrounding social media, pornography and husbands crossing the lines outside of the marriage. We were glad to step into the issues of women getting caught up in emotional affairs with bosses, co-workers, and the fictional characters in love stories. This revealed how spouses are holding one another to ungodly and unrealistic standards. Since we can get into issues at deeper levels, then we are now having ‘real church’ and not just a weekly performance that will mask our pain.

Very soon, we will host a Friday evening session for the couples (engaged, married, separated, or divorcing). Why? Well, because we believe that this is where we must start building our families. It’s going to take the heads of households to rebuild, restore and renew hearts and homes. Urban Life will only be as strong as the weakest marriage and family. So we’ve got to start building in this arena. So, are you ready for real church?

Stay tuned in and connected as we continue to follow the Lord’s direction.