Thursday, December 20, 2018

Chris and Carol Green Reach Milestone: 20 Life Coaches Certified in 2018

Instructors Chris and Carol Green issue Innovative Leadership Life Coaching Certificates to Traci Carter (top right), Joshua Smith (lower left) and Dred Scott (lower right)

Harrisburg, PA --- Community Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green, reached a very special milestone with the completion of another class, as they issued three more certificates bringing their total to 20 Leadership Life Coaches released in 2018.

"We are extremely proud of this class," says Coach Chris Green. "They brought a lot of enthusiasm to each session and significant contributions of knowledge and experience to each discussion."

Recipients, Traci Carter, Joshua Smith and Dred Scott, who started the course on November 1st, are each board members for local community outreach organizations.

"I was blown away by this class!" said Joshua Smith during his presentation/overview. "I've never felt this way by any program that I've gone through; and I've been through two master degree programs and a bachelor degree program."

"The CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coaching Program gave us the essentials," Traci Carter endorsed. "We were given master craftsmen tools."

"I love the style and way the Greens impart knowledge," expressed Dred Scott. "And that knowledge is presented in a way that develops a love of learning. I found that their presentations, the way in which they accommodated us, the way they spoke to us, and the way they interacted with us, makes that learning piece not only applicable to being enriched, but gave us balance in the way we would should look at things."

This was the Green's 2018 Fall Session of their Innovative Leadership Life Coaching Program.

This accredited program:
* Equips students with the foundations of life coaching
* Provides ice-breakers to open dialogue
* Provides essential tracking and strategy tools
* Provides techniques to navigate various personality types
* Helps coaches identify and overcome negative thinking
* Provides tools to help clients develop a successful thinking plan
* Presents the best practices for helping clients establish a life plan.

Upon completion of the courses, students create a customized coaching field manual for their potential clients.

This Life Coaching Certificate Program is administered by Fruitful Life Network, Inc, iChange Nations and United Graduate College Seminary International. It is accredited by the United Association of Christian Churches and Ministries International.

As the world's leading producers of CARE-Ready Leadership Life Coaches, Chris and Carol Green connect with community & government leaders, human service organizers, business visionaries, and neighborhood dreamers. They LISTEN to people, LIFT people and LAUNCH people. Then they train, equip and empower them to do the same for others.

While most programs teach life coaches how to target potential high-paying affluent clients, and high-paying speaking opportunities, they train, equip and empower specialized Care-Ready Responders and Leadership Life Coaches, who are willing to take on the most often overlooked people of society, who live in under-served communities, who can least afford, but can benefit the most from professional guidance.