Saturday, December 30, 2023

Fruitful Living Monthly Review and Updates (December)

 (December Postings)

This has been an incredible year in which we have beheld our infinite all-knowing, all-wise God, Savior, Lord and Heavenly Father, move in our lives in ways that confounded and confused the wisdom of this world, and thwarted the plans of our enemy. We have come out of the fiery trials of 2023 as pure gold.

 We thank you for following and supporting us through 2023.

We will continue moving forward in the Word and Will of God in 2024.

 The Fruitful Life Learning Community is our online space for connection, encouragement and support for you. This ministry was launched as an intentional effort to help people of faith return to the simple mission and lifestyle that demonstrates God's love and healing to hearts and homes.

We are a community of Seekers, Students and Servants.

 Here's a summary and review of some of our special faith-building moments, prayer, teaching and victories during the month of December.  We pray that it encourages you and your family.


Prayer Watch

- "You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV


Fight for Your Family


Prayer Agenda/ Daily Prayer and Devotionals




Spiritual Wellness Support Group

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‘Nevertheless’ Kind of Faith


Endure Hardship (Do it Anyway)


When the Math Isn’t Math-ing


Godly Responses to the Pagan Origins of December 25th




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Sunday Webcasts

– Replay and rehearse these profoundly powerful messages from the Sunday postings in the Hearts and Homes Community Site.


Virtue, Knowledge and Self Control (Part 2)


Perseverance and Godliness


Brotherly Kindness and Love


Godly Response to the Pagan Origins of December 25th


Expanding and Excelling in Exile




Householder’s Treasure

– Midweek short video clips that posted in the Hearts and Homes Community Site.


Who Will Go For God?


Prayer Changes Us


People Relate to Love


What if we do this the way God wants it done?




Books and Blogs


The Holiday Challenge


A Matter of Conscience


The Gift of Forgiveness


Giving Is Already Our Lifestyle


In Remembrance of Christ


Fruitful Living in Winter

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Processed for Success

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Urban Apologetics: Cults and Cultural Ideologies: Biblical and Theological Challenges Facing Christians


Rest, Retreats, Revival and Other Comedies: You are Success in Process




Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness Support


Christianity and Mental Health (Uniting Faith and Counseling)


Beyond the Altar: Amethyst Roberson, MA, LPC, NCC


Elephant in the Room: Mental Health and Wellness in the Church




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